I wake up so energized

I wake up fresh from dreams about people, not talking past each other, not deferring to policy and rhetoric, being nice and civil to each other.

I wake up energized with the knowledge that today is another day and that I can change the world. After all, I am me, and what more proof do I need?

I wake up thinking about how when I walk to school i'm only six feet to the right of death screaming at fourty four miles per hour in a mini-van, but I don't mind, because I know that today everything I do has a pourpose and every goal and objective I have in life is a step closer to being completed with every step I take.

I wake up wondering what great adventures and journies await me, how I want to name my future daughter 'Aerith', and how happy my path will be.

I never go to sleep that way.

I go to sleep, wondering, if a tree will fall on my room in my sleep, and I wont wake the next morning, and not really caring, almost hoping for it to happen, because that means i'll be free, to meet my ancestors and friends now removed from our presence.

I go to sleep, wondering why I sit alone at lunch, why i'm so diffrent from everyone else, whether people call me pizza face because i'm ugly or because i'm a bad person.

I go to sleep afaraid of people, because I know I can't trust them when they can't even trust themselves.

I go to sleep crying, wondering why i'm so weak, why I can't stand alone against injustice, why I can't stop the world from self-destruction, whether my existence has any meaning on the cosmic scale, and if it doesn't, why I bother to exist at all.

I wake up energized every day, but I never go to sleep that way.

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