When you close your eyes, I am always there, waiting for you. It is as if our minds were a single psyche, destined to cross the dream world together, and our souls connected once released from the bindings of day. The night is our palace, and I court you there, beneath the scattered trees.

The moon reflects the light of your white gown each night as you step silently into our secret grove; I might not find you otherwise, for you pretend not to notice me and walk briskly by. I take your hand and lead you through the perfect darkness; we dance this way to the night's still music until the day once again pulls you from my loving fingers. The sun will not share this world, for it is afaid to stand next to you.

You never smile; that is why i love you. Your beautiful, cold eyes just watch me from that stoic visage that never speaks. But you cannot resist me, not here, not in this dream world where I am the only god and you are my queen. And I will always be here, waiting for you.

As I lie awake, I ask myself, "Who will save me from the silence?"
Suddenly there comes rattling from the roof,
first one, then many. It is the rain,
here (I tell myself) to fend off this loneliness,
until dreams pull me to safety.
Even so, when I wake, the sun (they say) is due to shine.
Where, then, will my rain be? The sun could never take its place.

A submission for the e2verse challenge. Thanks Demeter!

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