We all know the stories about crazy bikers. Drinking, fighting and just plain craziness seem to rule the day for these folks. Well, the stories that you hear are a bit blown out of proportion, mostly...

I am part of a Public Access television show called Krystals Motor Town Cafe. On this show I play a variety of characters, from hostile to abstract. On this particular day I was bringing back a character called Jimmy George. Jimmy would taunt some of the bikers during the show which was especially tiring because of the fine line that had to be tread between harassing the audience and actually making them mad. One biker, by the name of JD, took the lead role in mouthing off to my character durning the taping. I in turn used my clever wit to fight back against such original insults as 'fag' and 'dumbass' retorting with 'what does JD stand for, just dumb?". All in all it was for fun and no real mean spirtedness was intended. Although I did sense a bit of hostility mounting from within JD.

The show finally ended and we broke down the set driving back home to let the party begin. As I walked through the living room JD stopped me and began to make small talk and compliment me on the job I did. Swiftly, his hand swung down and smacked me dead on the balls. Normally this is not how I greet someone so needless to say I was a little put off (actually it hurt quite a bit). JD made a hollow appology to me and I said "that's ok JD", putting one hand on his shoulder and letting the other swing down to smack him dead on in the sac. JD laughed and said, "acutually that hurt quite a bit".

Well, what would you have done?

The night went on and JD drank more as I chatted with my friend Nicole that does some of the camera work on the show. JD's voice began to be a sting of obscenities and conjunctions flowing into my ear from the other side of the kitchen from where I stood. "oh, I'm sorry, am I embarassing you Nicole?", JD said. "I can really embarass you if you want", he said as he reached for the button of his pants shadowed by his huge belly. I didn't think for some reason that he would really do it, but pretty soon JD was standing there in the kitchen pants around his ankles and a huge grin on his face. He stood like that for a while as we all ignored him like the kid that does something wrong. This huge bearded biker pot belly leather vest with patches and tee shirt arms out to the side like christ on the cross, boxer briefs exposed for all to see.
Soon after the previous episode JD packed up his belongings and headed out to the bar with some of his friends. I really liked his friends, JD just happens to be one of the crazy ones... Acutally JD was all right too (overall). He's the one that allows me to say "I traded nut shots with a biker named JD".

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