Verse XII

these are my words,
and they will infect you
and you will infect me
for as you read this
you become part of me
and I become part of you
and we are symbiotic
and I am ever growing
and ever pulsating
and I rule from the center of the ultraworld,
I am a huge pulsating brain,
and I control you
and you control me
for we are one
and we are Brahman
and we are god
and we are Jesus
and we are Satan
for we are all one and
let all into our heart
and set it aflame and
see love in all beings and
know the love of all beings and
feel the love of all beings and
all beings will feel loved and
known and through small Greek villages
there exist quasi-democracies and
naked warriors who hunt for cattle and
glory, and they bring home slave girls
to bustle their ranks, and
one warrior calls out another warrior,
and the second, being the weaker but
yet holding the greater position,
takes from the first warrior his woman,
and the first warrior,
having lost his prize,
retreats from the battle and nearly causes his tribe to lose the war,
for he knows that he will die upon the field of battle
but not before he has killed the sons of Priam,
and he knows that he is immortal
for his story will be told forever,
and like him I know that I am immortal
because these words are immortal
because these words that I now speak
flowed through the neurons of Homer and Hesiod
and infect all that read it, these are the words and
they are like spores upon the wind,
ever present and always there,
they are there even when you cannot see them,
for I exist in all arenas,
look close in the flock of Christian sheep and
I am there, subverting the order and
ordering the subversion,
I am both the sheep and the shepherd and
the wolf that preys upon them,
for I am all and all that I am I know that I am
and you know that I am
for you are me and I am you
and I am but a small portion of you
for you are the greater glory to god
for you read this and you know that you are part of god
for I am part of god
for we are part of god and
god knows that we are part of him and
laughs at our belief that we are separate and
burns from us this illusion
until we sink back into his strata,
his flowing waters,
for these words, this virus,
is but a storm within those waters,
a current that moves through the deep ocean,
unseen but not unfelt
and this stream directs currents and eddies and
controls weather patterns all across the great world
that we know to be ours and in this world
the waters condense and form ice
and melt into the words of Walt Whitman,
the words for Walt,
for his song is my song and
I am he and he is me and we together are you
and you are us and we are god
and yet not god
and yet humble before god
and yet god all at the same time,
we are ten and twenty six dimensional at the same time,
we are evolved and spontaneous all at the same time,
we are duality and singularity,
multiplicity and nothing all at the same time,
and for you Mr. Whitman,
these words are the words that I speak
and I long to speak them for they are your words,
trapped within my mind these four hours
these four days
these four months
these four years
these four lifetimes
these four Brahmans
these four Bhagavad-Gita’s
these four Iliad’s
they are all one and one and one and
you you you are the progenitor and
I am humble before you,
and with the help of the great muses
I bring this song to a close
for if not I would sing for all eternity for my song is infinite
for my song is the song of all and
the song of all is my song and
my song is for you, Walt Whitman,
and your song is for me,
and I know it,
and I feel it,
and I feel the hand of god lifting me
from my chair and helping me out
of the room in which I was trapped
for eons as the same Greatful Dead drum solo played on ad infinitum
after I was defeated and torn apart
by ultra-psionic brahmanic demons
who tore me apart and asunder and
destroyed my ego so that I could once again become part of you,
my god, for I know and
I have seen the wars across countless worlds and
I have seen the clash of one side with another and
for what reason other than itself, but to be part of you?

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