Verse X

for I am he that defiles all and
all that are defiled are defiled through me and
I am he that is blasphemous and great and
together we will run
through the wild of these words and
sing sweetly and dance devilishly with god
the sun, the spirit, and together we realize
that we are all one and
one alone in the universe
for we are the universe and
nothing exists where we do not
for we are the nothing itself
we are the void and we defile the void
by bringing life and order and chaos to that void
where there was only void and
out of life comes void and
out of void comes life and
through the pull of yin and yang
the universe bursts into being
and lo, the mind virus,
the word virus,
springs forth and infects all sentient life,
for the word virus is the drug Whosin,
and the drug Whosin exists on all worlds
where there is sentient life,
the drug takes many forms,
but sometimes it is a plant,
a thorny cactus,
a great mushroom,
a green fruit that grows upon a thorny bush
that when ripe becomes white and
tastes like sweet sugar and
whose nectar is like nitrous oxide and
whose skin is like mescaline and
we grow it in hydroponic labs in Switzerland
as the Swiss prepare their navy to attack New Zealand

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