I shall never grow cold of you, you are the warmth in my heart and I long to be with you all the time. The pain of not having the ability to be with you is phenomenal. Having to daydream of what it would be like to be with you, when I would much rather experience it in real life.
The night looks over me and tells me to go, get out, to live and ride the experience. To go and do what I always dream about. But the day looks down on my heart, mixes it about and tells a story of confusion. A story of not having the privilege, and the right to do what I long to. It ties me down to a stationary point, wraps me up and refuses to give until the confusion settles, until it orders itself and lies down. Like at night time when I rest my head on my pillow and think of you all through the night. I am with you in my dreams, my thoughts, my heart ... but not my life. Yet as I think of you and you think of me, I believe. I know we shall pull through. We shall be strong together, and never grow cold.

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