and i slammed on the brakes and for a long, long time, i couldn't move.
i couldn't breathe.

somehow, i never knew that blood was so bright. like fire.
i pay attention at the wrong moments - i had never seen death.

i wanted to unsee, though. it wasn't worth the knowledge.
the body dropped from the underbelly of an old truck and drug the head in circles on the pavement.
i should have been sick - i wasn't. i couldn't move.

behind me people lined up and honked their horns and i wanted to shout
shut up!
show some fucking respect!
but i couldn't speak.

but i could think, and i thought about a kitten, curled up on a kid's lap.
i thought about being young and loving little animals unconditionally, so that even when you grow out of that innocence they're still your best friends.
and i watched the kitten on the road. and it was horrible.

eventually, i went around.

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