A poem I wrote recently after the death of my best friend's mother. It was recited at her funeral and was one of the most emotional pieces of literature I ever wrote.

I Remember, I always will

I remember when you told me to feel better,
That one little phrase that made everything seem [alright[.
It allowed me to see myself in a different light,
To set my inner self free, to keep everything going.

I never knew you would leave so soon,
Before I had a chance to say goodbye.
I never thought you’d take your leave,
I never thought you’d make me cry.

I remember when you were so kind to me,
So welcome, honest and smiling.
You never thought I’d betray your trust,
I never allowed myself to try.

You and your family are special to me,
Your humour, your acceptance, your love.
I will miss everything that you ever did,
And I miss the happiness you gave your daughter.

I knew I never knew you long,
I knew I never knew you enough.
But I remember the time you told me to feel better,
And I will never forget it.

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