A good way of describing a particular glitch in the Nintendo 64 game, Goldeneye. The glitch is triggered as follows:

  1. Select a level with a tank. The Runway is a good choice, as you have unlimited time to run around, and the guards respawn regularly, giving you something to shoot at.
  2. Get in the tank. Enjoy the tank for a while; it's one of the better parts of the single-player game.
  3. When you want the world's most dangerous spitballs, select the last weapon in your personal inventory, so that the next weapon will be the tank's gun.
  4. Press your next weapon key.
  5. Get out of the tank while your gun is still dropping off the screen.

If you do this correctly, the ammunition counter in the bottom corner of the screen should switch to the tank shells counter and image. Furthermore, you'll be able to fire the big gun—the shell appears roughly where James Bond's mouth should be and behaves like an extremely large grenade launcher, just as it should.

If you switch away from the tank gun, you'll be able to recover it by hopping back into the tank and repeating the process.

amib says (The node title) is also an EGM quote about the all-weapons code in 007 Nightfire. If you activate it, you can fire the tank gun without the tank. And now you know.

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