Can you make CDs that are somehow responsive to obscure conditions in the space-time continuum?

Q.v. the other day one of my people was listening to Dr. Dre's "The Chronic." At the end of one of the songs, Nate Dogg sings, "I heard you wanna fuck with Dre / You picked the wrong motherfucking day..." This set off a round of (admittedly) strange thoughts.

That is: 1) Is there a "right" day to "fuck with Dre"? (That is, give him shit, perhaps a friendly but over-aggressive punch on the shoulder, etc.)

1a) If such a day could exist (see question 1), would the day be reflected on all known copies of The Chonic? (q.v. everytime this song was played on the "right" day, Nate Dogg would actually sing, "I heard you wanna fuck with Dre / you picked the RIGHT motherfucking day..."

Or, I suppose, it's possible that all proper with-Dre-fucking days were pre-1992. In that case, I think the man must needs lighten up.

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