This cryptic message is scrawled on a dry-erase board in my living room. For all of those who are curious, let me explain why:

Last Halloween, I went as Bruce Lee. I bought a "kung fu" outfit (the type with a white mandarin collar, like the one he wore in Enter the Dragon). Since then, I've often worn the bottoms as pajamas, since they're incredibly comfortable. My roomates affectionately call these my ninja pants. One morning, I woke up and made myself a peanut butter sandwich in my bedroom. I set the sandwich down on my knee to log in and check my email. I heard one of my roomates laughing in the living room, so I thought I'd go see what everyone else was up to. I picked up my half-eaten sandwich and walked to the living room. As I walked through the door, I looked down and realized there was a huge smear of peanut butter on my knee. Still looking down, I took a couple of steps into the living room and spoke the words that will haunt me to my grave; "Awwwwww...I got peanut butter on my ninja pants." Then I looked up, and saw all three or my roomates staring at me. Then it sunk in. There I was, a grown man with no shirt on, wearing purple flip-flops, with peanut butter on his ninja pants.

At that point, everyone in the room besides me cracked up. I sulked back to my room and changed into some proper pants. Later that day, the quote was written on our dry-erase board. To this day, I dare not encourage them by erasing it.

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