<Rancid_Pickle> Oh, tired and ready to snooze here, hehehe. Two daughters have the flu, so I expect to be Mr. Toast and Soup tomorrow
<WonkoDSane> I expect to be Mr. Toast and Soup tomorrow.
WonkoDSane couldn't help but nodeshell that. :sigh:
<Rancid_Pickle> Hehehe, WonkoDSane, you are one crazy individual.

Since this nodeshell was born of my commentary, I shall take responsibility for it.

My two daughters have the flu... again. They spent the weekend in bed, watching the cartoon network. I have homework to do, and tasks to complete, but I now have the added responsibility to make the toast and soup when they are hungry. I normally make dinner, and lunch and breakfast on the weekends. When one of the kids are sick, however, the kitchen becomes a restaurant. My rules about eating during mealtimes go out the window. If toast is wanted at 10:18am, then they get it. If soup is ordered at 10:22am, after I am back at my homework, I have to stop and make the soup.

It's not that I don't want to make the toast and soup, or try to make them feel more comfortable. It just kills my routine, and they cannot get their collective menu ordering together enough to make the kitchen more efficient. I will make them soup from scratch if they ask for it. I just wish they would let me get them what they wanted so I can finish my task list.

Such is the life of Mr. Toast and Soup.

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