Why does college break so many people? I never really believed that only a quarter of the people who went to college graduated. I mean, I could see a few people dropping out because of financial reasons or something that they couldn't really control, but why would it be so hard to do well in college? If you're in college, you've most likely graduated from high school and have some sort of ambition...

People warned me about partying too much. But I party all the time. I like to party, it is fun. And I get great grades! My first semester of college, I dropped acid about 20-25 times in a 15-week period and I managed to make straight A's. I did a lot of other drugs as well. I can't really imagine someone partying more than I did my first semester, and I made it work.

I skip class, but don't make a habit of it. I mean, do I have anything better to do than go to class? Sure, sleep is better than class, but not really productive. I mean, you've got to get up and do something eventually, so why not go to the classes that you're paying out the nose to attend and get credit for. I mean, you're here for a reason, and that reason is not drugs, alcohol, cheap sex, and fast internet connections (well, not the ONLY reason).

So what is this mysterious factor that contributes to people who from all outward appearances are intelligent, well- groomed (well, maybe...), and ambitious enough to at least fill out a college application dropping out of college because they just couldn't hack it? It's not that hard!

To Ulysses: While you are outwardly intelligent and well-groomed enough that I let you sleep in my bed, you inspired only the title of this node and very little of its actual content. And let the record show that this was written during that period of time in which you were high almost constantly.

Why am I dignifying this with a response?

Why is it that whenever someone decides that he is going to take a sabbatical from academia, others assume it's because of drugs or a lack of ability to cope with the rigors of daily life? I admit, when I first considered leaving the University, I was high.

Really high.

All the time.

Nowadays I smoke just as seldom as psydereal, and I'm not coming back next semester. Why? Is it because I am wholly incapable of dealing with the 'strenous' endeavors of college?


Is is because the Drugs have induced in me a state of apathy rivaling Seneca's?


It's a matter of my personal choice, a decision I thought about and considered for a good amount of time.

I agree that a person has to get up and do something eventually. But I'd rather not go to class and not pay for it at this point in my life. I have no scholarships to lose, and I'm not happy here. I don't want to live constantly working, both in and out of class right now.


I want to read what I want to read, learn on my own what I want to learn, and then I will return. Not until.

I can only assume I am the outwardly intelligent, possibly well-groomed individual with enough ambition to fill out a college application.

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