...There, I've said it.

I am not much of a Simpsons fan, nor do I particularly like the show. I mean, I don't hate it, or even actively dislike it or anything. I just don't get that much out of it. If you like the show, that's wonderful, and I'm really happy for you. But I just don't, personally, not really. I respect it, mostly, at least some, but I do not think of it as some transcendental more-than-a-show, like some people do; I do not think it's the most amazing artistic creation ever to be born of the human spirit. I do happen to think it's a fairly well-written with occasional flashes of genius, that it is often somewhat bland but consistently delivers at least some intermittent level of funny creativity. But no more than that.

I'll watch the Simpsons if someone is watching it on TV when I walk through the room, but I won't go to the bother of specifically taking time out of my day to watch it. I mean, I don't watch TV, but there are a few shows which will inspire me to get out of my chair, walk away from the computer, and actually go to the bother of turning on the television and sacrificing 30 minutes, wholly of my own volition, to watching. The Simpsons is not one of those shows. And while I can see why someone would be, I am not at all one of the people who finds the Simpsons an all-encompassing mindfuck, who considers it to be the center of all human achievement, and goes and nodes large quantities of random paraphrasings of half-remembered Simpsons quotes, which are then cooled and voted way the hell up. Basically, I don't dislike it, but I...


mcc grits his teeth and braces himself to say this...

I really just don't think it's that great of a show.

And so somehow I am blocked out of the culture around me; I am separated from the people I am most interested in by the wall of my failure to worship the Simpsons. The subject comes up, and I fail to reciprocate their mad praise of the Simpsons, and awkwardly the conversation moves on.

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