I barely like you sober. What makes you think drunkenness makes you any more likable?

I tolerate you when you're sober. I tolerate you because I know my basis for thinking you aren't worth my time is pretty presumptuous. I know this, but knowing doesn't make it go away. You aren't worth my time.

Now you're drunk. Good for you, I'm so proud.

Maybe you could think of some other ways to make yourself less enjoyable. Smoking, perhaps? Oh, and while you are smoking could you blow smoke in my face? That would do nicely.

You are so annoying when you're drunk. I can't stand it. As if you weren't loud enough and stupid enough without alcohol, it somehow adds to both qualities.

Actually, it magnifies everything remotely wrong with you. Even that mole on your neck looks somehow bigger - as if it too were bloated and drunk through osmosis.

Do I want you to stop drinking because of this? Yes. Are you going to? No. I just want you to know how far my opinion of you drops for every drop of that crap you drink.

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