Once, on a plane trip, the plane was overbooked, and I was put in First Class instead of Coach for the same price.

If you look around, you realize that some of the people are just snobs. Some are businessmen, others just rich women.

They give you warm, heated bread rolls. Not the cold, hard ones in coach. A bag of nuts, opened just for you, and served in a cup.

The lady in front of me started making a scene. I think she just wanted attention, and to show off how nonchalant she was about paying double for a few more inches of her seat. She fussed over a drink, asking for a new one. The male flight attendant hurried off to pour her bourbon or whatever.

When he hurried back, she said, "I almost had to wait." Oh, and she was not laughing. If she wasn't sitting, her foot would be tapping. Boy, some people are pompous.

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