This is dedicated to Miss Teen South Carolina


About a month ago, I discovered a horrifying statistic that stated that about twenty percent of U.S. Americans can’t find the United States on a world map. I started thinking about why they can’t locate the U.S., and then it hit me like a rock to the face; they don’t have maps. To keep this country the great country it is, we need to get a map to every American. If we don’t try to fight this problem from the source, America may become one of the least intelligent countries in the world. That is why I wish that all Americans had maps.

We must build up a grand future for our children, but we cannot do so, unless if our citizens can locate the U.S. on a world map. I personally believe that this should be a world-wide effort to help out our fellow Americans, and by association, the whole world. We must unite our country, and our world, so that this doesn’t happen to any more countries, and so that we can combat this in the U.S. Countries, like, such as, the Iraq and South Africa, could also help out us with this, and possibly send us maps of their own countries, so we can know how to locate them on a map. Hopefully, our citizens will be able to locate the Iraq and everywhere, like, such as, in a years’ time.

Getting a map to every citizen shouldn’t be hard, and the cost wouldn’t matter, because this is about the future of our country. We could send these maps through the mail or anything, like, such as. We’d be sending off millions of these maps every single day, so the shipping wouldn’t cost much, because they would be bulk mail. These would help out with our education, so we can help out countries like the Iraq and the England. With your help, we can fulfill my wish of getting a map to every American.

Amish Gramish
September 26th, 2007

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