The darkness falls silently in… Your breath tickles my neck, and heat presses in around us, your fingers inching slowly up my thigh. You whisper delicacies in my ear, treats for me to hang on to; sweat trickles silently down my neck, and you lick it off with a flick of your tongue.
“I want you so bad…” you murmur.
Silently, I lean back on the bed, spread myself out like an iris in the rain, and give myself to you. Your fingers flesh out every inch of my body, searing my skin with your touch. Oh god… I feel your warmth inside me, arch up to meet you, every single nerve in my body tingling. Can you feel this electricity? Can you feel this heat? Our bodies fall into motion, our psyches blossoming into one another. My nipples raise up to meet your mouth, gently sucking, and I breath you in, stroking your back softly with my nails.
See me… feel me…
The air around us crackling, your eyes register your lust, and for once I can see what that really means. Oh so softly, I push you off of me, and fall back on top, caressing your chest, your sides, your face.
Oh, sweetheart,” I whisper in your ear, feeling you coming close to your capacity of desire. My hips press achingly against yours, and as I feel you come inside me, warmth spreading like a giant flower, my mouth is on your neck, my teeth are breaking skin. After a brief clenching agony, you give yourself up, and flow into me. Life, blood, sex, sweat, passion, the Becoming.
Standing now, I slide back into my clothes, leaving your body crumpled, cold and empty on the bed. A cruel smile. “Goodbye darling.”

Be careful what you wish for…

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