PetPalace, Don speaking. 

Hi, I hope you can help me. I’ve called everywhere. 

Yes ma’am. 

It’s my cat, Teensy. He's a gray tabby. I call him Teensy because he’s a bit on the chubby side. 

Yes ma’am. 

It’s sort of a little joke

Yes ma’am, what can we do for you and Teensy today. 

Well I have two cats, there was Teensy first, and now I have Boots. Boots was an outside cat most of his life, until I brought him here. Boots is a bit, um, streetwise. Much tougher than Teensy is. I’m afraid poor Teensy has developed some sort of complex

…Well…we have some uh, books, on animal psychologypet training…mostly for dogs… 

No no no. What I’m looking for—you know Don, sometimes I wake up and I just can’t face the world. I just want to go back to bed and hide under the covers. But I fix my hair. Put on some lipstick. And I feel like a new woman


What I’m looking for, Don, is an eye patch



No, I’m here…an eye patch. 


For Teensy. 

Yes. You see Don, my feeling is, Teensy needs to be…a little tougher. A bit more like Boots. The world can sometimes be so…I saw on the news where this man escaped from prison, a very tough-looking customer. He was wearing an eye patch. What is that saying…clothes make the man? 

So…an eye patch. 




Oh darn. 

What is it Don. 

We just sold the last kitty eye-patch this morning. 

Oh dear. 

Sorry ma’am. 

No no no, I should’ve called sooner…poor Teensy… 

Yes ma’am, well, if that's all, I— 

Thank you, Don, you’ve been very helpful. 

Have a nice day, ma’am. 

You too, Don. Nice talking with you. 

…now where is that…

...there it is.

PetPlace, this is Kurt.

Hi. I'm calling about my cat. I hope you can help me. 

I've called everywhere.

He's a tabby.  A bit on the chubby side.

His name's Teensy.

It's sort of a little joke.

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