Maybe it was just the way that the light used to hit you, because you used to seem handsome, sweet, endearing, interesting, and fun. Maybe it was just a case of 'the grass is greener on the other side.' But I crossed that line, and I went to test the grass. I was with you once, and it seemed like a horrible mistake. But maybe it wasn't, because now I see you in a whole new light. I see you for what I should have, as dull, average, immature, and irritating.

What used to seem so attractive about you has faded away. You're just like everyone else... I see that now. And you were only sweet and endearing because you're stupid, and don't know how to be cutting and hurtful. You're only bitter because everyone around you is, not because of any genuine pain that made you jaded. Interesting things about you, I now realize, are of limited number. I just wasn't listening to how much you repeated them. You talk, and it's like nothing is coming out. Just a broken record.

And now that I've let you in, you aren't going away. You want to have some kind of important role in my life. It was my mistake to let you think that you could fullfill such a role, I admit. But sooner or later I'm going to run out of hints to drop and you will be left behind, utterly crushed. But at least then you can say that you were really hurt, and maybe have one interesting story to tell.

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