last time I heard you sleeping underneath my bed

heavy breathing and swallowing,

like eating at a rodeo picnic, big men and their women with the little chubby kids

dress up in a cigarette, each of us have at least a pack on us

collette was the master of ceremonies at my weddings

does anyone remember her from high school?

harpsichords are as loud as my ear can take

I can't sing it strong enough, cause that kinda strength i just don't have

next time you are keeping a vigil for me, just make sure I know

I was half-expecting you to say in a half-joking voice,

'never ever write in a tank of water large enough for a

dolphin to lead a comfortable life.'

There are no secrets between us anymore, sleep well

in a the moon and the stars and anything else you can think,

'you will be asleep, you will be safe'

selenography is the study of the geography of the moon.

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