I tuned into today today, and Katie Couric was moderating one of those canned "debates" between Alan Dershowitz and someone from the Southeastern Legal Foundation. Basically, S.E.L.F (who has some affiliation with Judicial Watch that i'm not quite sure of) wants Bill Clinton disbarred because he wasn't honest in a good number of depositions and legal proceedings. Alan Dershowitz wanted to 'expose' this representative from S.E.L.F by claiming that he was involved in The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Out To Destroy Bill Clinton, and that S.E.L.F was partisan.

Of course, since S.E.L.F has no real power outside the ability to recommend cases, like Bill Clinton's get looked at, (In this case to the Arkansas Supreme Court, who saw fit to order an investigation by the Arkansas Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee, which took place from January 22, 2000 to May 22, 2000.) this is pretty much irrelevant. Katie Couric supported this useless argument with the intonation of her questions. Essentially, when you attack Clinton on some things where you clearly have the ethical, factual, or logical highground, the most commonly used defense is that you are a "Clinton Hater". I could go into that further, but I think i'll do that here.

What came next was even more disgusting.

Matt Lauer interviewed Donato Dalrymple (Better known as "The Fisherman In The Picture With A Gun Held To Him and Elian Gonzales.") and his lawyer, about his One-Hundred Million Dollar Lawsuit against Janet Reno and her deputies for an illegal search and seizure (By virtue that they knowingly got the Permits for such actions via false pretenses) During this interview, Matt Lauer showed that he has no Journalistic Integrity by pointing out that the Lawyer, whos name I will not shame, is affiliated with Judicial Watch (A segueway back to the first segment, showing his bias there.) and that he once sued his own mother, which was a misnomer, he sued his step-mother for stealing his fathers money. Then Matt Lauer made some comment about him which was really intended to be insulting commentary on Lawyers at large, and all but called him a moron. Clearly The Today Show should not be considered an objective news source, much less a respectable news source.

It's always great when the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy clashes with the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, isn't it?

Clearly, the world is infested with idiots.

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