The 2000 Hyundai Tiburon was my first new car. Before buying it I drove a bunch of junkers: a 1995 Geo Metro, a 1982 Subaru Justy, and a 1979 Dodge Colt.

One of the great things about buying this car is how people stop me in parking lots and at traffic lights to tell me how much they like my car. As you might imagine, this rarely happened with the Geo.

Actually, the Tiburon is not normally a car I would have considered buying. I was looking for a new and reliable car that I wouldn't need to worry about and that would not leave a trail of rusting parts as I drove around Seattle.

I was orignally thinking about buying a Honda Civic, since they are so reliable. However, the price of the Civic and the Tiburon was the same, the Tiburon came with more features, and the Civic only came with a 3 year bumper to bumper warrantee where the Tiburon came with a 5 year plan.

Additionally, the Tiburon is much cooler than the boxy civic, and I look great in it. Unfortunately, it's accentuated my egotism, but that is something I am willing to accept.

By the way, "Tiburon" is Spanish for "Shark"

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