Record label founded in 1997, a company which focuses on, (in their own words) rough technoïd & ambient music. It is widely known as an affiliate of one of the most notorious noise labels, ant-zen recordings. The music they support can also be categorized on some occasions as breakbeat, dark ambient, rhythmic noise or dark electronica.

Hymen Records publishes in vinyl, compact disc and sometimes tape works of acclaimed dark electronic artists who usually appear on ant-zen as well, such as snog, beefcake, converter, esplendor geometrico, imminent (formely known as imminent starvation) & venetian snares.

Their lps all come in identical grey cases with a black strip to the left, whereas the artist's name, album title and some artwork are portrayed on a row of four different small stamps stuck on the grey background.

Hymen releases to date and general info can be found at

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