Made by Fedetal Cartridge Co. (after licensing it from Tom Burczynski) this premium JHP ammunition is made for self defense and law enforcement. Like all other premium JHP ammo, it is manufactured to exacting tolerances, generates consistent velocities and is weatherproofed.

Its distinction from other JHP ammo is the design of its bullet. Aside from having a hollow point, it also has a tiny post inside the hollow ogive. This supposedly prevents the hollow point from getting plugged with material you might have to shoot through to hit your target, like wood paneling or glass windshields. A plugged up hollow point will not expand and might over penetrate.

Its effectiveness in that regard is debatable and is most likely a marketing gimmick more than anything else. But because of its excellent expansion the Hydrashok is still a very excellent defensive round should you ever decide to carry a gun.

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