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Timeshredder's Hurricane Katrina writeup has been rendered here so that the external links work, requiring fewer clicks to get to them.

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About our friends
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About our friends

This list, compiled in Katrina's wake, provides information regarding noders who live in or near New Orleans. It should not be viewed as comprehensive, and additional information should be forwarded to me or (if you are an editor) simply added. Most phone service, including mobile, to the New Orleans metro area is out. We hope that those unaccounted for are unreachable but safe.

Some mobile phone services weren't working at all in the American south; Sprint PCS and Verizon are two that have been verified. avalyn, in Nashville, has a Sprint PCS phone that didn't work at all, although it could receive text messages. That seemed to be about the limit of cell capability for, at least, Sprint PCS.

Latest status pages for:

If you're missing people from the NOLA area, the Red Cross is running a locator service at 866-438-4636, though I expect it to be jammed. The Salvation Army has something similar at 847-709-6700.

Thanks very much.

Accounted for and safe:

  • avalyn (drove to parents' house in TN)
  • discofever (evacuated to Lafayette en route to Tulsa)
  • Kodjo (was overseas; family evacuated safely)
  • sauth (evacuated to Baton Rouge)
  • shannonhubbell (in Texas with family)

To the best of our knowledge, no longer area residents:

Waiting for news from:

  • It seems, no one.

To the best of anyone's knowledge, all New Orleans noders are safe.

avalyn writes: "The only way out of NO for civilians is US highway 90 westbound, which seems to be open all the way to Texas. It has access to some northbound routes out of the state, too."

mills writes: "For all of us here, it means quite a lot that others are thinking of us. My family and I are safe, as are all of my friends (even the needlessly thrill-seeking ones who stayed and now hide in their hot homes armed to the teeth). I am trying to get myself together to write something about Katrina, but her scope eludes me. Frankly, we are devastated. The loss of New Orleans, for me, is like an amputation. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, and take care."


Read Katrina Shelter if you're interested in opening your home to people displaced by the hurricane and subsequent floods.

witchiepoo has created this excellent list of organizations to contact, if you want to help:

Further reading

avalyn points out that his coworker, Mike, has been running this blog and webcam from the 10th floor of the Poydras Center downtown since the storm began: http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/