Located between the two villages of Ulceby and Kirmington, Humberside Aiport is actually in North Lincolnshire! The airport is situated on the major A18 road which travels between Hull and Lincoln via the Humber Bridge. The airport also has a railway running directly under the flightpath of runway 21, approximatly 500m from the terminal. With increased traffic, a station may be built. Hull, the nearest city, is a busy shipping port on the east coast of England. The river Hull and the Humber Estuary converge a few miles downstream of the airport.


In 1941 Royal Air Force Kirmington was constructed. The site was chosen because of its proximity to the Germany coast, allowing bombers to operate effectivley in the second World War. In 1942 140 Squadron took control of the airbase and operated Lancaster bombers. During to course of the war, 27000 tons of bombs and 3000 tons of mines had been dropped by Kirmington's bombers.

In 1974 the airport was pruchased by the local council and the passenger terminal and heliport were built. In its first year the airport saw well over 17000 air movements.


Humbersides main runway has now been extended by 38%, allowing aircraft such as Boeing 757's to become regular airfield sights. "Special guests" at Humberside have also included Concorde, Boeing 747's and a multitude of military aircraft including the Red Arrows.

The airport has began a major centre for "City Hops" to the continent and offers several scheduled flights to cities such as Amsterdam and London. There is also a vibrant training community operating at the airport.

Technical Data

Runway 03/21:

  • Asphalt and Concrete
  • 2070m length
  • Full lighting and approach control

Runway 09/27:
  • Asphalt
  • 994m usable length
  • No lighting or approach guidance

Sources of information used:
  • Personal experience as a pilot at Humberside
  • Pooley's Flight Guide
  • Pooley's aerodrome guide

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