A band from the 80's featuring Hahn Rowe, Mimi Goese, Adam Peacock, and Tim Sommer. Their records were released by Brian Eno's Opal Records; he was a big fan.

They released two albums total: Drum (1984 co-produced by Michael Stipe) and Mettle (1989). Both are out of print now. The music is amazing, based on bass and violin, sounding like nothing else, like underwater sea songs, Goese's vocals mysterious eerie and beauty. There is a cover of an obscure Kinks song called "Fancy" which is one of my favorites. Since then, Pram has come along - a group who have some similarities in sound, and there was also a band that Stipe's sister sang for called Hetch Hetchy who were quite similar (and not surprisingly, since all the members of Hugo Largo contributed to the album in some way).

Rowe has also played with James Thirwell, aka Foetus, and had a solo drum and bass thing called Somatic. Goese didn't do anything for a long time and then released a solo record as Mimi on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label. Tim Sommer eventually served a stint as a VH1 VJ.

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