Stephen Fry was born on August 24th 1957 in Hampstead, London. He was educated in Queens' College, Cambridge, where he was a member of 'footlights'.

Hugh Laurie was born in Oxford on 11th June 1959. He was educated in Selwyn College, Cambridge where he met Fry in 'Footlights' and he became president of 'Footlights' in his third year.

Fry and Laurie have always had an ideal partnership in television in series such as the hugely successful Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster. In 'Jeeves and Wooster', Fry stars as 'Jeeves' and Laurie as 'Wooster'.

The plot is this: Wooster is a rich, 'single' young man who lives in London with his trusty manservant, Jeeves by his side. Being rather eccentric, Wooster gets himself into lots of tricky situations and has to look to Jeeves for help. The partnership works marvellously, combining Wooster's absentmindedness and eccentricity (Laurie) with the wit and cunning of Jeeves (Fry).

In 'Blackadder' however Laurie and Fry aren't working together as much but instead with Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson.

In my opinion the partnership between Fry and Laurie is ingenious and will be remembered for as long as comedy is around.

Some Interesting Facts about Stephen Fry

T.V Series with Stephen Fry

Alfresco (1982-84)

Happy Families (1985)

Blackadder (1983-89; 2000)

This Is David Lander (1988)

Anything More Would Be Greedy (1989)

A Bit Of Fry And Laurie (1989-95)

Old Flames (1990)

Jeeves And Wooster (1990-93)

The Common Pursuit (1992)

The Laughing Prisoner (1993)

Stalag Luft (1993)

Cold Comfort Farm (1995)

In The Red (1998)

Fry wanted to be a policeman in Hong-Kong before he started acting!

Fry's father was a physicist.

Some interesting facts about Hugh Laurie

He is devoted to motorcycling!

He rowed for Cambridge.

He has now completed his first novel, 'The Gun Sellers'.

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