Huge Space Alien Crack House

"All's fair in love an industrial espionage"

In a long abandoned outpost there are a group of small agile warriors. They have never fought in a battle, eaten a meal with a family, or seen a movie but they know how to love. Arthur and Duke learned the code from their older brothers who learned from their older brothers and sisters.

You question, "But they live as brothers and sisters and eat together. Why are not they a family?".

Because they don't provide for eatchother. They love eatchother and fight for eatchother and protect eatchother but mother feeds them. Arthur walked to mother one day and asked her, "How come we must stay in the outpost all day. I can see the stars and I can see the merchants that zip by my window and I long to see them and meet them. I love my brothers and sisters, but I feel I must leave.

And mother replied, "You cannot leave."
And Arthur asked, "But why?"
And mother replied, "Because you have already left me."

And Arthur left. Arthur went to his quarters where he stayed with Duke. Arthur said to Duke, "Duke, I must leave now, because there are too many things that I don't know."

And Duke said, "But Why?"
And Arthur said, "Why are you called Duke?"
And Duke replied, "I don't know."
And Arthur then replied, "Then perhaps you will come with me."

Duke concurred.
There was a small escape pod that Arthur and Duke used to leave the outpost. And when they left, everyone came to say "fare well" to them. And mother said to them when they left: "When you learn what you need, please come back and share it with me."
They agreed. Little did Mother know, however, that she would never feel the presence of Arthur again. She would, for Duke though.

As Arthur, the one who poorly orchestrated their trip, sat back in a chair on the ship, a peaceful, easy feeling overcame him. He was bathing in the warmth of his modest ship and watching the sparks jump from cable to cable. It was his own palace and he had the power to control it. Power was intriguing to him. But if he had the power to control it, then why had a small puddle ruined his ship.

Duke: "We must repair this error quickly if we wish to fare well in this ship any further". Arthur quickly recited the rites of passage from adulthood to new birth and pressed the button labeled: "abandon". Duke grappled Arthur's arm as they both jumped into their "pro-escape orb".

"Sol himself will not take us apart, brother" They embraced.

Arthur quickly reached for his blessed hammer, but the door closed shut before he could get out. They spent four hours in the orb, praying, sleeping, and meditating. They would forget it all in a day. They crashed into a planet filled with sand.

"Will we fare well if we leave the ship."
"We will not if we stay."
"Then let us leave."

They stepped out and the sand burned their bare feet like a rash. The sand was malicious and wanted to dig into them and drain them and use them. The sand was evil. They put on their combat suits which had boots on them and they were safe, for "Wherever you are, the suit will protect you like mother." They quickly came upon a large dome and were invited inside by some furry-looking creatures (not that they would have stayed outside if they had not been). That is where they met the Sultans of the Sand. They said teh Sultans: "You are not Sultans of much. Only evil sand."

And one Sultan replied: "Well, you are brave and I enjoy your company please stay and feast with us."
And they stayed and feasted.
And, afterwards, they asked the Sultans, "How are you so rich with food, money, and servants? We do not like servants."
And one Sultan replied "We sell the sand to our neighbors. They take part of the sand and they enjoy it."
And one servany yelled, "But some over-indulge in the sand and harm overcomes them!"
And another sultan said to the servant, "Yes, that is true but that is their problem. I do not harm them. You will not be punished."

Duke turned to Arthur and said, "I do not think I am ready for the knowledge you want to learn."
"Neither am I. Let us leave. Sultans, we would like a ride to our home."

And the Sultans gave them a ship and some servants to maneuver and operate the ships. And the servants took them to their home, where they murdered the servants and destroyed the ship. They did not share any knowledge with Mother. And for the rest of their adulthood, they leaned awkwardly when they walked.

You may have noticed some odd capitalization with the names "Sultans" and with "Mother". These are different because of their grammatical use in the sentence.

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