Hu Sang Niang is a character from the classic Chinese novel Outlaws of the Marsh. She is more commonly known as Ten Feet of Steel because she carries her signature five-foot twin swords. She often fights on horseback and is a most formidable warrior.

The daughter of the head of the Zhu village, she is the equal, and sometimes better, of her family's male warriors. She battles Song Jiang's army but is captured. She becomes an orphan after Li Kui slaughters the entire village. She becomes a ward of the bandits, and is given to Stumpy Tiger Wang in marriage due to an earlier promise and consequently joins the outlaws.

She is one of the greater bandits and sometimes battles as part of the vanguard. She is sometimes part of the second charge and takes a large part in capturing enemy generals. She meets her end in battle against Fang La's rebel army.

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