So here I am, a tiny little lizard. I'm just laying on a rock out in the sun, enjoying the warm spring sun, when i feel a vibration coming my way. I taste the air and immediately know that there's a giant coming my way, so I scamper under the rock I'm on, but the rock is no longer there to protect me. The Giant (albeit a small one) has removed the protective rock and reaches down to pick me up so I scamper off to a space along a nearby wall. The Little Giant comes after me still, and this time he catches me by the tail. I wiggle until my tail falls off, it doesn't matter, I'll grow a new one. I hit the ground with a thud and scamper into a log, hoping that this time it won't be able to get me. Alas, a short, stubby finger penetrates the log I took shelter in, so I run. This time I can't release my tail to escape if it catches me. I crawl up a wall and onto a high ledge, hoping that I'm high enough off the ground for the Little Giant to be unable reach me. I see it start to bring a stool towards the ledge to reach me, and I think to my self, "Man, it's persistent." Just then, a Large Giant comes over and grabs the Little Giant and hauls it off. I'm finally safe.

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