Since I've taken over operations of the site, one of the things I had been missing as a part of the redesign is a clean logo construction file so that we can develop new marketing materials. Included here are my notes as to how I created the new E2 logo, it's proportions in a default sense, and a starting point should someone seek to improve upon it. Note that I created this in the GIMP, even though I prefer Photoshop given the choice

  1. First off, download the decipher font. has no author listed, so if you do find one I'd be happy to oblige credit where it is due. Warning the font isn't perfect, and threw some import errors on my Mac when I added it.
  2. Create a new project in the image editor of your choice. If we've done this correctly, it's going to end up the same proportions as e2tight.gif, about 300x50. Start with something bigger; I took the default of 800x400. Make sure the background is transparency.
  3. Add in a new text entry in decipher, 100pt, white, normal facing, regular kerning with the word 'everything'. I did this non-anti-aliased so that the next step works well. We can't have the two in there just yet because there is a black border and the 2 lives on top of the everything. Adjust your GIMP text layer size to be the size of the entire canvas.
  4. Using the magic wand selector, hit an area that doesn't have text on it. Shift click inside of the e's and inside of the g to add to the selection. Now shrink the selection (Select...Shrink) by 5 pts. Invert the selection. Create a new layer, place it behind the everything text layer, and fill it with black. Clear your selection.
  5. Create a new layer for the number 2, place it in front of the everything text layer. Create the 2, in white, italicized in Decipher, at 60pt. Line it up over the bottom of the g so that the bottom of the white pieces line up, and it hangs off a bit. Expand the layer to be the size of the image
  6. Create another layer for 2's shadow. Place it below the 2, but above the white 'everything' layer. Re-select the 2 layer and magic wand anywhere that isn't directly on the 2. Shrink the selection by 5pt again, and invert it. Fill that section with black, and that's the meat of it.

From here there is some cleanup: take a rough crop to take away borders, merge visible, autocrop, and then scale down to the size you want. The difference between this logo and the original (from when I inherited the site), is that the 2 is less skewed. Perhaps the original was done by hand. After scaling my image, it came out to 300x52.

You can find the project here, along side of the original:

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