Gnutella is one of the best things to come out of Sedona since the hordes of Alien Invaders who passed through the vortex. At leat for those of us who have DSL or better, Gnutella is the best way to complete our collection of Evangelion episodes, obscure hip hop mp3s and sets.

The problem with gnutella though, is that it is crowded, and according to my estimates, about 75% of this crowding is due to people looking either for mp3s of that damn song that plays on the radio every half hour and\or nude pictures of celebrities. Often to compound matters, these people are looking for nude pictures of that one celebrity that sings that damn song they play on the radio every half hour.

If we have a tool that allows us to download obscure 90 minute long epic techno ballads from the Slovak Republic, why are we allowing people to use it to listen to music that they can hear by turning on MTV?

The answer is because we don't know how to stop them. But I have a possible solution for our problem. All it requires is for about 100 or so people to put a file in a shared directory called "Brittneyspearsbarebreasts.jpg" or something along those lines. But instead of said picture actually being of Miss Spear's bear breats, why not make it something else...such as possibly

After seeing this picture one too many times (which will probably be the first time), many people will cease to use gnutella as a vehicle for their pop culture stupidities.

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