You're cruising up to a 4-way stop sign. Several other people are cruising up to the same 4-way stop from different directions. What do you do? What do you do?

Normally, the first person to reach the stop sign and come to a stop is supposed to be the one to go through the intersection first. If people come to the interescection simultaneously, the person "to the right" is the one who gets to go first.

If all 4 people arrive first, well, the law is unclear on this point, everybody works it out somehow.

So here's the trick. You're cruising up the to stop sign. You don't want to have to wait for these other bozos. So what do you do? You come to a screeching halt immediately. Right now. A good 8 to 10 feet before you really even get to the stop sign. As long as you can see clearly, you just have to stop behind the stop sign. You don't have to come right up to it, so you might as well stop now and get it over with.

So you're automatically the first one to stop. So you get to go first, no waiting. The other drivers cannot go yet, they wouldn't even consider it since they haven't even stopped yet. So not only have you saved yourself time, you've saved the other people time too, because now they don't have to wait for you, you're already half-way through the intersection before they've finished stopping.

The first time I saw somebody do this, I thought..."that guy's an asshole!....that guy's a genius!"

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