The following is a simple recipe for turning 5 or so dollars of grocery ingredients into more than a liter of possibly toxic wine.

What you'll need:

An empty forty ounce bottle, a balloon (stretched out), one 8 g package of dry active yeast, lots of plain, unbleached sugar, warm water, and a lemon (or a bit of some other citrus fruit)

Fill your bottle almost full with warm water and dissolve as much sugar as you can. Add a bit of lemon juice to the mix to lower the pH a bit. Mix the yeast in with the sugar-water and add more water/sugar until it's saturated and filled almost to the top then quickly put a balloon over the top of the bottle. Leave it in a warm place for about 10 days or until the sound of carbonation stops and the balloon stops inflating.

Once your spirit is ready, siphon off the liquid to remove it from the solid fragments that will develop at the bottom and either drink or distill it.

Some great resources for homebrewing can be found here (

Note: The following recipe may not be safe to drink, moreover it may likely taste like shit. Nonetheless, enjoy!

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