The lacunae are there. They exist in place, they exist in time, and they exist in mind. As such, they impart power to any or all of those three. A spellcaster must learn to recognize them, and learn to internalize them. The power they provide is the source of human spellcraft. Although a spellcaster can perform minimal acts of change without drawing on such external sources, she or he will be limited to very, very small changes.

It is possible for a skilled spellcaster to store and retain the power found in lacunae. This is truly the heart of the spellcaster's talent - the ability to transfer, retain and utilize the power. Power is such a terrible word, and you English have no better for this, not really. Such a terrible and technical language. Even the Germans, whose language is colder, have better words for things such as this. Germans are very clear about what is understood and what is not, but are willing to allow for things not understood. English - no, everything must be labelled. The only true unknowns in your language are 'things this language cannot describe' without actually describing them. Terrible.

Where was I.

Yes, the ability. Spellcaster. чаклунство. What is English, closest word. No, not magician. Wizard? Pfah, books and stories. There is one word, comic book word, what is.


Yes, yes, that one. Sorceror. Old days, fortune telling, with toys. Bones, beads, sticks. All just things. Things cannot act. Cannot tell future, see, decide - only person can do that. When person holding sticks or beads was able to draw from lacunae, draw power, could affect throw of dice, sticks, bones. That person. Sorceror.

Lacunae. Means gaps, missing. Places with nothing. That is truth. Small place with nothing, nothing of us in it. Where rules stop. Rules? Rules, laws, things happen as natural. Not true there. Different.

I found place like this. When I was a girl.

This is why you find me here now.

You do not feel them, do you? No. You carry tools, I can tell. You do not carry chaklunstvo.

Why are you here?

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