Yes, It's all my fault. I did it. I went back and rewrote early Judaic lore.

Well, not really.

When I started using Lillith as my name (see: amelinda), I went all out with the whole theme, and I wrote several pseudo-titles for the name. Several of them came about because of being in various usenet newsgroups, others from hanging out with friends, and so on. I put them up on my web page for laughs.

Well, one day this New Age idiot came wandering through the World Wide Internet and found my page with my personal titles. And she decided that these were real titles that really did belong to the original Lillith.

To be sure, some of them were based on actual tales of Lillith, such as Mother of Demons (after Lillith left the Garden of Eden, she reportedly lived by the Red Sea and spawned countless demons, called the lilim). But many of these were pretty much totally fabricated, such as "Evil Which Types In The Night."

This would be the end of the story, but this woman was an author. And she was deep into writing a book called "Angels and Archetypes." In this book (which I own a copy of now, bought on sale, just to point out this woman's folly), the chapter on Lilith describes her using the personal titles that I made up.

The footnote for them gives the source as the email address of some poor guy at UPenn, who does maintain a website about the mythical Lilith, but doesn't even talk about modern Lilith imdemonators, much less have any links to my site! When I finally got to email him and ask him about it, he said that he'd never heard of it and had no idea how it happened.

And that's how I retroactively changed early Judaic lore.

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