I think this is the one meal that actually started me cooking...if you get it right, its really unhealthy, but really good!

Just follow the recipe below and enjoy

Hot sausage and tomato fondue

Serves 3

Its called a fondue because you dip bread in it.


  • 8 large beef sausages. (If you live in good old SA, this works best with boerewors. or any spicy kind of sausage.)
  • 5 Cloves garlic crushed with salt
  • 3 Large red chillies roughly chopped (Or more! Make it as hot as you can stand it.)
  • 1 Small onion very finely chopped.
  • 2 400 gram tins of chopped tomatoes. Some people prefer the tomatoes to be liquidised
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • A pot big enough to contain all of the above.
  • A really big chunk of some tasty tasty bread.
  • Method

    • Fry the onions in a little butter, gently and slowly.
    • While the onions are frying, chop up the sausage. Don't waste time trying to be precise; some of it will turn out as mince anyway. Just try to get some healthy chunks.
    • Once the onions have become (very) soft, turn the heat up and drop the sausage chunks in.
    • Keep frying this mix on a high heat, making sure that the sausage gets a little burnt and crispy on the edges.
    • Stir pretty frequently. Some of the sausage meat should fall out of the chunks and basically become mince.
    • Once the sausages are almost cooked, throw in the chillies and the garlic.
    • Stir well and continuously.
    • Once you think the sausages are cooked, pour in the chopped tomatoes.
    • Mash this mixture up a bit, so that it all melds together
    • Put a lid on it
    • Turn the heat down to really low
    • Go watch TV for a while and forget about it.
    • Don't forget about it for too long, or the sausages will end up getting really burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pot!

    Serving Method

    • Once you've watched an entire episode of "Survivor: New York" go back and check on the mix.
    • At this point, it should look and smell wonderful. If it doesn't, cook it a bit longer.
    • To serve: Dish up into huge bowls, and put a big chunk of bread on a side plate
    • To eat: Dip the bread into the sauce, take a bite. Scoop up some sausage and stuff it in the side of your mouth.
    • Swallow


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