On a salaryman's night out, after getting liquored up and feeling good from a little nominication with colleagues and/or customers, we want to drink with and enjoy the company of women. After all, buying women is the last of the 3 pastimes of the salaryman isn't it? And lucky for us, everywhere from Sapporo to Okinawa, there are hostess clubs.

Basically, hostess clubs are the same, just a place that in return for a few thousand yen you receive a set alloted time to drink and chat with a hostess; a member of the opposite sex. Nothing more, nothing less.

From the classy cabaret clubs in Ginza and Roppongi where the rich (and government bureaucrats) play, to the local club at your station, the difference is price based on quality. For good drinks and beautiful women, expect to pay at least 8000 yen and (much much) more in Tokyo hostess clubs for just an hour. For the less affluent salaryman, there are cheaper places around but be prepared to fork over at least 3000 yen an hour. There are also hour-long extensions available because just one hour is usually not enough;)

Hostess clubs are really just a meat market. But women, there are "host clubs" for you too. The concept of rendering the opposite sex as mere objects doesn't discriminate by gender.

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