Hopewell Valley is a small area in New Jersey, located 10 minutes from Princeton or 10 minutes from Trenton, depending how you look at it.

The confusing part is the distinction between Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough. The Township is the larger entity, and contains the Borough as one of the two towns within it, the other being Pennington.

The Borough has around 3000 homes, 5 churches, and at least a dozen antique shops. The reason for the unusual concentration of the latter two sites is unknown, but seems to work out all right.

Why the name Hopewell? Here's the story: Two farmers owned large plots of land in central New Jersey. Every day the two would walk through their fields and make sure everything was okay. As the men passed by each other at the fence seperating the properties, the one farmer would call out "Hope you're well!", and the other would reply, "I am well!" Thus the towns of Hopewell and Amwell were formed. (Note: Amwell is not part of Hopewell Valley, but an adjoining town)

Despite the supposedly charming nature of the town, Hopewell has little of interest and the mind-numbing effect it has on its young people has earned it the nickname "Hopeless Valley", a name that rings far truer to many of us survivors.

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