Disclaimer: I have a Honda fetish -- I will earnestly contend that the engineers at Honda are beings of pure light.

The Honda VTX 1800 is a V-Twin cruiser (comfy, neat-looking motorcycle). Its most striking feature, hinted at in the title, is the 1795cc engine. For those without a sense of scale, that's an absolutely huge engine for a bike. Mammoth. Gargantuan. The engine itself is not as high-performance as most modern sport bikes: the compression ratio is only 9.0:1, a 25% less than some superbikes. It's also only SOHC with three valves per cylinder. How dissapointing . . .except for the

99 god-dammned ft-lbs of torque

and 89 horsepower. This, my friends, will allow you to pull away from an event horizon. More literally, it will beat a stock ZX-12R in 0-30 acceleration and keep up fairly well until 60 mph.

Word reaching your humble chronicler from, primarily, Cycle World tells us that even though the bike (which, as a whole, is mammoth but not gargantuan) has a claimed dry weight of 705 lbs, it handles well. This is clearly not a beginner's bike, but it serves well for experienced riders.

The aesthetics are, in my admittedly subjective opinion are lust-inducing. Best of all, it has been a driving force in making Valkyries much cheaper. W00T.

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