Unauthorized Biography shown on FOX in the wake of Homer Simpson's sexual harassment allegations. Starring Dennis Franz.

Homer thinks it sounds classy, until he watches it:

A dark city street, with a rusty beater careering wildly back and forth knocking over garbage cans and uprooting parking meters. Dennis Franz and a pigtailed girl of about 14 are in the car.

GIRL: *screams in terror*

DENNIS/HOMER: *laughs with evil delight*

A cat is in the middle of the street.

GIRL: No, Mr. Simpson! A cat is a living creature!!

HOMER: I don't care!

HOMER swerves across the road and runs over the cat, which meows as the car thumps over it.

The car powerslides to a stop next to the curb.

HOMER: Now I'm gonna grab me some sweet.

The camera quickly focuses on the girl's butt.

GIRL: No Mr. Simpson! That's sexual harassment! If you do it, I'll scream so loud the whole country will hear!

HOMER: *mocking* With a man in the White House?! Not likely! *laughs evilly*

This sequence is just part of a medley of satires, the next best being Gentle Ben.
Also, call has almost certainly correctly pointed out to me it should be A MAN in the White House, not The Man, as I had originally. Damn you, Sipowicz, speak clearly!

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