There is only one variety of true Holy Strength, and that is the kind that comes from your Creator. Playing Satanic pagan card games will rob you of all strength and armor you against holiness. Such so-called "games" as "Magic" are eaters of souls.

Are you prepared to die in mortal sin?!

Your Creator could call you home at any time, and when He does, you'd best be able to give a better accounting of yourself than this. "Lord, I spent my life trying to summon up demons when I should have been taking a bath." How far do you think that'll get you? You think that'll get you in the Gates? You think that'll get you into the Holy City? If so, you should think again, because all it'll get you is a short trip to a hot climate, with a very long stay when you arrive.

There will be no mints on your pillow down there, and indeed no pillow either.

It's also a proven fact that these co-called "magical" card games are often used by liberals and other homosexuals to lure young children to their destruction. The cards are colorful and appealing to young children, yet they stink of death. What can one conclude? It doesn't take algebra: There is only one purpose these things can serve. By associating with these card game "wizards", you are putting your children in mortal danger. Will you be "amused" when your young daughter is lured into a long, dark shining car, to be taken away and tortured unspeakably until she prays for her Creator to grant her the blessed release of death?

Is that what you want for your children?! Do you really want your young daughters, innocent and prayerfully submissive, to be subjected to sadistic and barbaric torments meted out by the infinitely cruel and treacherous "wizards" of your disgusting "card games"?!

If that is the case -- if that truly is your desire -- and being a reasonable man, I can only conclude that it is -- then you surely are a torturer yourself.

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