Title: Historical Atlas of California
Author: Warren A. Beck, Ynez D. Haase
Publication Date: January 1975
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 0-8061-1212-3
Binding Format: Trade Paper
Edition: illustrated
Pages: 240
Price: $19.95(USD)
LCCN: 74-005952
Physical Dimensions (W x L x H): 8.93 x 12.04 x .68 in. 1.58 lbs.

Typical questions that would lead you to use the Historical Atlas of California include:  "Where can I find a map of camps for the internment of Americans of Japanese descent?  Where were all the military bases in California?  The ranchosCitrus crops?"

The purpose of this book is to be an atlas of maps of the early history and geography of California.  It includes political, agricultural, population, and temperature maps.  It covers Sea explorations, railroads, Indian lands, the Pony Express, Mountain men, Donner Tragedy Stage coach routes, etc.  It is, according to the preface, designed for "The student, the scholar, and those with a general interest in California".  The maps date from 1625 to 1974.  It it arranged chronologically.  There is a full page of text to explain each map.  It is the about only place to easily find Mexican Land Grants and World War II military installations.

LCSH:  1. California -- Historical geography -- Maps.


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