Hironobu Kageyama is a Japanese singer who is best known for singing anime and sentai theme and image songs. He was born in Osaka on February 18, 1961, and made his debut in 1976 as the singer of the teen rock/pop band Lazy. (This was also the starting point for guitarist Akira Takasaki, who later gained international fame as a member of the band Loudness.) Lazy split up in 1981, and Kageyama began making solo albums until about 1984, when he sang the themes for the sentai Dengeki Sentai Changeman. Since then he has sang over 500 of those songs, solo, in duets, and as a participant in the JAM Project (Japan Animationsong Makers Project). One of the animes he is best known for being a part of is Dragonball Z, for which he sang a majority of the songs, including the theme song "Cha-La Head Cha-La" and the ending themes to all of the DBZ movies. (Funimation deleted all of his songs in their dubbed version, however, so if all of the DBZ you've seen has been on Cartoon Network, you probably haven't heard Kageyama.) Lazy reformed in 1998, and Kageyama continues to split his time between them, anime songs, group projects, and solo non-anime albums. His deep velvet voice earned him a devoted international fanbase; he gave one highly-attended concert in Spain in 2001 and another in Brazil in 2003. Like many other anime singers before him (for example, Ichiro Mizuki), Kageyama has been able to last a long time on his talent.

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