There's a common misconception as to which term to use when. for example, just the other night my friend used the term "highly" with tired. that just doesn't work. highly is a term to be used with how something is and most often with the word "quality." Here are a few examples:
  • "I had a high quality weekend."
  • "That taco was high quality."
  • "I highly enjoyed that movie," or "That movie was high quality."
  • "That's a high quality TV show."

Highly is also used in how much you like something, ie "I highly enjoyed that dinner." Most often it's used in place of the words: very], much, incredibly, good, etc. Fully on the other hand is a different matter, but the two however, do overlap in some cases, not often mind you, but they do nevertheless. Fully is a term to be used when you're trying to convey how much of something you are. here are some examples to help the understanding:
  • "I'm fully tired."
  • "I fully enjoyed that movie."
  • "Thats a high quality meal right there." "Fully!"
  • "Are you hungry?" "Fully."
  • "Is it ok with you if we see that movie?" "Fully!"

Fully is most often used in place of; yes, of course, completly, totally, entirely, and really any afirmative response. It's like a meter of how much of something you are. when the meter reaches it's full mark, then most likely you're fully whatever it is that you are.

I hope all that fully makes sense.

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