The Hi-Fi Shop, an electronics store in Ogden, Utah, was robbed in April of 1974 by two men, Dale Selby Pierre and William Andrews. They entered the store right before closing time and forced the two workers, Stan Walker and Michelle Ansley, into the basement. Another male, Cortney Naisbitt, came into the store to visit Stan and was also taken into the basement. All three were tied up with wires found in the store. Pierre and Andrews spent the next hour loading stereo and other equipment into their van.

Stan's father, Orren Walker, and Cortney's mother, Carol Naisbitt, came in through the back entrance of the store, worried that their sons hadn't returned home yet. Both were forced into the basement at gunpoint by Pierre.

Andrews retrieved a bottle from the van, filled with a blue liquid. He told them it was vodka mixed with a sleep-inducing liquid, and ordered each of them to drink it. The liquid harshly burned their lips, making the skin blister. Seeing each of the previous victims vomit and cough violently, Orren faked swallowing the liquid and pretended to cough and spit.

Pierre, who had grown impatient with the slow speed the poison was taking, shot Carol in the back of her head. He then shot Cortney and Stan, and tried to shoot Orren but missed. Andrews forced Michelle to take off her clothes, and viciously raped her as Pierre killed the others. When Andrews was done, he shot Michelle in the head. Pierre was not convinced that Orren was dead, so he tried to strangle him with a wire. When Orren survived that, Pierre stuck a pencil in Orren's ear and stomped it down with his boot until it punctured the eardrum and pierced through to Orren's throat.

Hours after the men left the scene, family members of the victims came to the store looking for their missing loved ones, only to find their murdered bodies tied up in the basement. Orren, with internal burns and severe ear damage, and Cortney, whose injuries needed 266 days of hospitalization, had survived. The blue liquid forced upon them was actually a strong drain cleaner, with hydrochloric acid present as the active ingredient.

Pierre and Andrews were arrested after wallets of the victims were found in a dumpster outside their apartment. A search of their living quarters led police to the rented storage facility, where the stolen merchandise was recovered.

Dale Selby Pierre and William Andrews were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection.

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