The 'catchphrase' from a truly bizarre TV advert for HSA health insurance in the UK.

A woman wanders around a laundrette having one of those "Gosh, she is just an ordinary person having a genuine conversation" fake converations they have in these ads trying to sell services. It is, of course massively dull listening until the very climax.

As she walks past a laundry basket, a fuzzy white rabbit leaps out of the basket and shouts 'Hey! Just say!' in a gruff voice, before growling.

It's the most tenuous link to a company name ever ("hey just say" doesn't even sound like "HSA" in many accents) but it's memorable for this very reason of EXTREME BADNESS.

Unfortunately, the infamous spot has begotten a sequel set on a country club where the rabbit (now CGI) hops around, springing up from behind objects to shout 'HEY! JUST SAY!' at random people. He also looks like he has the same face model as Stuart Little.

I doubt it'll ever become a catchphrase, but I've noded pre-emptively just in case. And it's certainly a contender for worst product mascot ever.

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