This is something from the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000, or "MST3k".

The pannel to the left of the main doors on the geodesic bridge of the Satellite of Love. The Hexfield Viewscreen (or HFVS for short) was part of the design of the bridge as Dr. Forrester orginally planned, but in his haste to send Joel Robinson into space he left it uncomplete. During the remodeling of the SOL bridge between season 1 and 2, Joel Robinson got the Hexfield operational. The HFVS is hexigon in shape (hence the name), has a sophisticated iris mechanism for opening, and is the only means of communication outside of the Satellite of Love aside from the uplink in Deep 13/Castle Forrester, short of direct physical contact. Malfunctioned in experiment 1001 Soultaker, and presumably repaired by Joel Robinson on his emergency repair return in said experiment.

The Hexfield Viewscreen was something that Best Brains wanted on the Satellite of Love set since the beginning. According to the Jim Mallon, the iris mechanism was intended all along, but no one at Best Brains knew how to build such a device. So the first few designs of the Hexfield ranged from nothing at all, to a window shade, to a really snazzy window shade. It was only when Mark Gilbertson, a local camera iris builder (and fan of the show) was discovered (through a magazine ad) and was contacted about building the iris. Being a fan of the show, Mr. Gilbertson agreed to build the iris for cost of material. Presumably the same iris was used from it's introduction in Season 2 until the end of Season 10, when it was sold on eBay for around $5,000 US.

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